Robert L Hassett III

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    Attorney Robert L Hassett III
    Robert L Hassett III

    Rob Hassett has been a Florida attorney for over ten years now. He grew up in Massachusetts and can tolerate, but does not like, the winters there. He graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in International Relations, Spanish, and History, spending over a year living in Madrid, Spain, during that time.

    Hassett then graduated from New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts, where he participated in Law Review and was a member of the Tax Moot Court team.

    Rob has worked primarily with some form of property rights – be it foreclosures, timeshares, real estate purchase and sale contracts, or setting up business entities and organizations. He enjoys the arts of negotiation and advocacy necessary to get his clients what they deserve. Having litigated, arbitrated and mediated hundreds of cases, Rob has the experience and presence of mind to articulate issues and solve problems as quickly and proficiently as possible. He prides himself on the ability to listen and empathize with people to understand what the real issues are and deal with them head-on.

    In his spare time, Rob plays tennis once a week. He also enjoys gardening, chess and woodworking. He’s most proud of his beautiful family – his wife Kelley and their son Leo.